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Solar Insecticidal Light solar pest killer

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Solar Insecticidal Light solar pest killer


Solar Insecticidal Light solar pest killer

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Solar Insecticidal Lamp 


Through the sunlight irradiation onto solar battery panel, the optical energy is converted into electric energy, which is stored in the accumulator. At night, this lamp automatically turns on the light or opens the high-voltage electric mesh according to the light brightness. It adopts the ordinary or LED light source (i.e. Ordinary Insecticidal Lamp and LED Insecticidal Lamp). Its light source emits the light and wave for the short and long distance respectively. The pests are attracted to fly toward light source, and are killed through the high-voltage electric mesh outside the light source. It possesses the following characteristics:  

1. No electric consumption, electric wire erection or cropland occupation. Easy to disassembly and assembly.

2. High light effect, small electric consumption and long service life, through the low-carbon energy-saving environment-friendly LED light source for LED Solar Insecticidal Lamp.

3. LED light source of different wave bands for attracting/killing different pests produced from the LED Solar Insecticidal Lamp.

4. Lasting pest control, green environment-friendly, pollution-free, and ecology-protective.

5. Effective range 3000 square meters



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