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99 Zone Security Power Alarm System Set LAN line



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Home Wireless Autodial Phone 99 Zone Security Power Alarm System Set


99 Zone  Security Power Alarm System Set LAN line


Home Wireless Autodial Phone 99 Zone Security Power Alarm System Set

  • This product is suitable for family, community, warehouse, bank, enterprises and institutions and place of business. Not only powerful, stable performance, and the operating and installation is very simple.
  • HOST

  • you can set 6 groups (common alarm & emergency alarm) of telephone numbers, and different alarm modes.
    This enhanced type can receive all kinds of detector signals within 400 feet .Setting as many as 99 wireless Defense Zone, read the signals of new input remotes and detectors, and anti-crack function.
    LED display, easy to read
  • Wireless infrared motion detector

  • Temperature-sensitive, do not installed toward sunlight, window and the frequently temperature changed place. 
  • Pure wireless structures, with simple installment and maintenance. 
    power-saving and intellectual analysis design, has more continuous working time than other detector. 
    can detect moving body in angle Horizon 110°, vertical 60° as far as 5-12m.
    Powered by: 9 V lithium battery (not included).
    With a stand which can fix on the wall and adjust the angle.
    Size:10.5cm x 5.5cm x 4cm(approx)
  • Door magnetic detector:
    Can be installed in windows, doors, drawers and other important frequently-moved places
    If there is any displacement, the sensor will set off the security system; 
    Intelligent desige, the bottom led will light up when the battery is in low voltage.
    Two LED indicator to show the status
    Powered by:23A 6V battery   (not included) 
    Size:7cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm (approx)
  • Remote manipulator:
    Beautiful and Portable. 
    Can control the security system with 4 control buttons in the remote.
    With a chain, easy to take with your keys.
    A LED indicator to show the status
  • Siren:
    It can send out 120db when host alarms.
    it will not only alert neighbors of their vigilance, but scare away the burglar right out of your house.
  • Power Supply:
    Input: AC 100V-240V 50HZ/60Hz
    Output : DC 12V 1A
  • Specification:
    1. 12 V DC
    2. Standby current: < 30 mA
    3. Alarm current: < 1 mA
    4. Wireless receive frequency: 315 MHz
    5. Wireless rx sensitivity: 5 mV/m
    6. Anti-interference strength: 1 V/m (frequency range 30-1 KMHz)
    7. Wireless detector number: 99
    8. A siren strong: 120 dB

Package includes

  • Host x 1 
  • Siren x 1 
  • Wireless infrared window motion detector x 1
  • Door magnetice detector x 1
  • Remote control x 2 
  • Power supply x 1
  • Manual (in English)x1


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