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Solar Car flash Alarm Auto 6LED Warning light

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Solar Car flash Alarm Auto 6LED Warning light


Solar Car flash Alarm Auto 6LED Warning light

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Solar Car flash Alarm Auto 6LED Warning light  

 Size: 5.7cm * 3cm 
 Weight: 55g 
 6 LED lights, the night can see  from the car, can serve as an  effective deterrent effect. 
 Built-in vibration sensor is, as  long as the perception of  vibration, 6 LED lights will be  opened and issued a strong  light. 
 Built-in automatic light during  the day automatically stops,  automatic control of lights  after dark. 
 Automatic charge mode automatic  charging during the day, will  automatically control the lights  after dark. 
 In the OFF mode during the day  and will be automatically  charged. 
 Products taken out can only use  double-sided adhesive stickers. 
 (Car anti-theft alarm device) 

 With a neutral detergent to  "will" wipe clean the place  paste 
 After the glue on both sides,  about 24 hours to reach the most  viscosity 
 Do not double-sided adhesive  attached to the place dirty or  rough surface     
 Use :
 Placing the product on the  vehicle visibility areas (such  as the right side of the front  windshield) 
 This product may be placed in  direct sunlight at 
 Selected places, the inside of  the low double-sided adhesive  paper torn off, the paste is  good. 

 Open switch 
 Product side of the ON / OFF  switch 
 ON when the product is opened,  when not in use leave the switch  on the OFF file. 
 Vibration Center 
 Not sensitive to the vibration  of the state, usually 6LED  alternating light, which is in  testing status, a vibration  sensor will start the alarm mode  after 
 Threatened status 
 Vibration plus 2 times within 5  seconds, 10 seconds flash mode  vibration vibration 
 Vibration within the first 10  seconds and vibration plus 3  times selected for that switch  to stop the state does not light  within 60 seconds 

Notes :
 Please carefully read the  instructions: proper use. 
 Please do not put in the hamper  and impede the drive where  safety devices (such as airbags,  seat belts). 
 This product LED lights can not  be replaced. 
 According to climate and  environment, there will be in  charge of discontent during the  day happen, 
 When there is no sunlight can  not be fully charged case,  according to drying in the sun a  little longer before using. 
 5 hours 10 hours charging  available 
 If parking can not be sunshine  place, set the button on the  product OFF. 
 This product is not completely  waterproof, please note that due  to leakage caused by the  failure. 


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