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Solar Vibration Wave Snakes Repeller



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Solar Vibration Wave Snakes Repeller


Solar Vibration Wave Snakes Repeller

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 Solar Powered Outdoor Garden Ultrasonic Waves Pulse Snake  Repeller


A device powered by solar energy, making use of pulsing vibration waves to repel snakes, moles, voles, etc By emitting pulsing vibration wave, the solar snakes repeller drives aways floor & underground rodent very effectively. 
The snake picks up through sensors throughout its body. And perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area; pulsing vibration waves will irritate them, simulate danger, and repel them away from the irradiated area. (Work power can insolation one day continue work 3 cloudy days.) 
To make the best use of the product, we strongly recommend an installation of 2 devices at very 30 meters for ground areas frequented by rodents. 
The solar snake repeller is supplied by a solar cell, a rechargeable accumulator collecting power for operation at night. When the accumulator is fully charged, it can supply enough power for the dark hous, then ensuring a continuous around-the-clock operation. 

Solar panels power: 4.5V/ 45mA 
Rechargeable battery: 1 x 1.2V/ 800mAh "AA" Ni - Cd(Already included) Color: As shown in the picture 
Solar panel dimension: Approx. 7×9cm(DxH) Plastic tube dimension: Approx. 7.5 x 3cm(DxH) Metal tube dimension: Approx. 27.5 x 3cm(DxH) Material: ABS, aluminium tube 
1. Before first use, you'd better insolation the solar panel for two days, then connect the cable and insert into the earth, so you will have better effective. 
2. The base of the top shall be exposed to the outside, according to the terrain varies ensure the water does not exceed the safe line. 
Includes 1 x Solar Panel 
1 x Plastic Tube 
1 x Metal Tube 
1 x Manual


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