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NEW One button recording UR12 8GB USB Memory Stick Voice recorder



Quick Overview

UltraDisk DVR12 8GB USB Memory Stick Voice recorder 384 KBPS WAV Headphones
HQ USB Memory Stick Recording Headphone & PC Playback !


NEW One button recording UR12 8GB USB Memory Stick Voice recorder

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DVR12 8GB USB Memory Stick Voice recorder

Key Features:
Easy operation, One button recording
With mp3 play function
Two recording modes: long time recording and super high quality recording
With time setting function
USB flash drive function
Size: 76mm×24mm×11mm  Weight: about 16g
Power supply: 3.7V  130mAh  (can continuously record for about 25 hours)
Recording format: WAV
Recording bit rate: 32Kbps / 384Kbps
Recording time: 8G  Long time recording about 560 hours

Ideal for Teachers, Students , Education & Training.


Power on :

  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button for one second.

The indicative LED light becomes red, and after around 3 seconds turns blue and flashes.

Power off :

  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.

The red light fast flashes three times before power off.

Record : 
The recorder will start recording automatically when no earphone is plugged in after powering on. The blue light flashes while recording.

  • Press ON/OFF button to stop and save recording
  • Press the button again, it will restart recording.

Recording Quality Mode

Slide the MODE switch to switch recording modes.

  • Sliding to the left achieves the longest recording time and recording mode. The recording bit rate of LQ is 32Kbps and is of a compressed WAV format.
  • Sliding the Mode switch to right provides a super high quality recording mode. The recording bit rate is HQ 384Kbps.

The recorder will automatically save the recording file each 4 hours of continuous recording and then continue to record next file.

Playback recording / music using the headphones:

For the convenience of playback without a computer, you can listen to recordings or music using the supplied 3.5mm headphones ear bud headphones.

  • Plug in the earphone after powering on, the current recording file will start playing automatically.
  • Push the MODE switch to switch between music files and recording files.
  • Press Previous/Volume up button to select the previous file.
  • Press and hold the Previous/Volume up button to increase volume.
  • Press Next/Volume down button to select next file.
  • Press and hold the Next/Volume down button to decrease volume.

Playback recording using a PC or Laptop Computer

Use the UltraDisk as a memory stick and you can access your digitally recorded files in WAV format, also use as a fully operationalUSBMemory stick for transferring other data and copying any computer file.

  • Remove theUSBcap from the UltraDiskUSBmemory stick digital voice recorder.

The UltraDisk range of voice recorders all have integralUSBconnections, so there is no need for any cable.

  • Insert theUSBinto a freeUSBport on the computer.

Windows will prompt to open a recording, select the preferred action.
The files on the device can be viewed via Windows My computers removable storage drives or windows file explorer.

Time and Date stamp digital voice recordings

Maintain an accurate date and time stamp of the recording. To achieve time stamping the time of the voice recorder must be synchronized with your computer time prior to the recording being made.

It is strongly advised to set this time before using after a charge to ensure the correct time is recorded when it is needed. If the battery has drained since the last use the time should be set again as it will not be in sync.


  • Connect the recorder to a computer or otherUSB2 device for charging.

When charging the red light flashes.

When fully charged, the indicative light stays red until it is removed from charge.

The UltraDisk DVR12 voice recorder will record for around 25 hours once fully charged.

(Note: When the power is low, the red light flashes. Please stop recording and charge the recorder in time.)

Precautions Important

1. Do not place the recorder in high temperature, wet or dusty locations.
2. Avoid strong vibration or shocks while using the recorder. 
3. Backup the data regularly onto your computer to avoid data loss
4. We are not responsible for the recording failures caused by improper operation or recorder damage.
5. If the recorder doesn’t respond during use, press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 8 seconds to reboot.
6. Do not disassemble, open or repair the recorder by yourself. Backup your data before sending for repair service. We are not responsible for the data loss which caused by maintenance or warranties.
7. We are not responsible for the disputes, claims arising from voice recording without permission.
8. We endeavor to ensure the user’s manual’s integrity. But if the contents do not match for technical or other reasons please take the product as standard. We reserve the right to modify the design and specifications without prior notice and will update our support knowledge base with the latest version.


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