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SG880MK-14MP HD GPRS MMS Email IR Trail Scouting Hunting Game Camera



Quick Overview

ScoutGuard SG880MK-8M GPRS MMS Email IR Trail Scouting Hunting Game Camera


 SG880MK-14MP HD  GPRS MMS Email IR Trail Scouting Hunting Game Camera



ScoutGuard SG880MK-8M GPRS MMS Email IR Trail Scouting Hunting Game Camera

Most powerful outdoor camera with long range detection.

The SG880MK-8M beats out every long range black IR wireless camera by transmitting pictures instantly to your phone or email if you use a GSM sim card into the camera and receive MMS.

 The latest SG880MK-8M is a significant upgrade to the original SG550M with long range capability, GPRS transmission, black IR illumination, and higher quality 8MP pictures.



the MOST powerful and LATEST MARVEL from the  ScoutGuard family, featuring  genuine BLACK infrared(making it absolutely no flash beam at all to human and animal eyes)


It is a high performance camera with all advanced functions such as wireless, ultra long range, 8MP resolution and audio!

Note: To send pictures or videos to your mobile phone or email, you will need a SIM card that provides MMS (picture messaging) services. 






VGA 640x480 video quality

Built-in color LCD viewer & remote control

940nm Black IR LED

Transmitted picture size is 800x600 to email and 640x480 to phone

67 feet (20M) long range motion detection and illumination

Native solar charger and external power support with 6V input

Quick trigger time (<1.3s)

Both MMS and GPRS support, compatible with 2G/2.5G GSM network

Additional components: remote control programmer, mounting strap, TV cable, and USB cable for PC

Support up to 32GB SD/SDHC cards




Image Sensor: 5MP color CMOS, 8MP interpolation

Lens: F/NO = 3.0; FOV = 52°

PIR Detection Range: 18M/60F

Display Screen: 1.5" LCD

Memory: SD card, 32GB max.

Picture Resolution: 

8MP = 3328 x 2496

5MP = 2560 x 1920

Video Resolution: 

640 x 480 (16fps)

320 x 240 (20fps)

PIR Sensor: Multi-zone

PIR Sensitivity: Adjustable (high/normal/low)

Trigger Time: 1.2s

Weight: 0.30kg

Operation/Storage Temperature: -20 - +60°C / -30 - +70°C

Interval: 1 sec - 60 min

Photo Burst: 1-3

Video Length: 1 - 60sec

Power Supply: 8 x AA or 4 x AA

Stand-by Current: < 0.25 mA (< 6 mAH/day)

Max. Power Consumption: 400 videos (interval = 5 min, video length = 10 sec); > 500 MMS (with 8 x AA batteries)

Low Battery Alert: LED indicator

Sound Recording: Available

Mounting: Rope, belt, Python lock

Dimensions: 140 x 87 x 55 mm

Operation Humidity: 5% - 90%

Security Authentication: FCC, CE, RoHS

SG880MK-8M revolutionizes the game camera industry by sending pictures to your mobile phone and/or Email instantly after the pictures/videos are taken! Unlike other wireless cameras that need to log onto a website requiring monthly fees, SG550M-8M automatically sends pictures to your cell phone, personal email or both viaMMS instantly. With all the high-end features as standard alone trail camera, it also sends images through wireless text message or email. 


SG880MK-8M is perfect for scouting, security, and surveilance anywhere a cellular signal is available.

This camera, a digital scouting camera withMMSfunction, is a digital infrared surveillance camera, triggered by any movement of humans or animals monitored by a high sensitive Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, and then automatically captures high quality pictures (up to 8M pixels) or records video clips (VGA) according to default settings or preset customer settings. It will then send the pictures instantly to your mobile device or e mail via GSM/GPRS/MMSnetwork. You’ll be alerted just when the camera is triggered or per custom settings.

 There is a 1.5” color LCD display screen on the camera and a sound recorder embedded in the camera. 

A laser pointer is used to help target the photo area of the camera. 

 It takes color pictures or videos under sufficient daylight. While at night, the built-in infrared LED’s take clear pictures or videos (monochrome).And this model has a new design ofPIRand this newPIRis patented. The new patentedPIR’s detection range can reach to 12m.

  It works as a non-wireless device as well. SD card capacity allows you to use your device in areas with no cell coverage.

 Allows you to retrieve images while in the field.

  This model is designed to last up to 6 Months in the filed thanks to new advanced power management design


 To supply power for the camera, four or eight size AA batteries are needed(Batteries are not included).

Open the bottom cover. Confirm that the power switch is in the OFF position and pull out the battery pack by pulling the silver handle. Load the fully charged batteries into the pack according the polarities signs shown below. Push the battery pack back into to the battery chamber. The following batteries with 1.5V output can be used:

1. High-density and high-performance alkaline batteries (Recommended)

2. Rechargeable alkaline batteries

3. Rechargeable NiMH batteries

   What's included in the package :

 1xGenuine ScoutGuard Latest 2012 version SG880MK-8M  Trail Security Game Scouting PUREBLACK OPS Farm WIRELESS MMSSMS camera

1x Remote controller
1x Mountain Strap
1x USB cable from camera to PC/Mac
1x Detailed Well Written English Manual 
1x enhanced Antenna



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