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Infrared Wireless Door Bell Welcome Alarm Motion Sensor Detector For Shop Home

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Infrared Wireless Door Bell Welcome Alarm Motion Sensor Detector For Shop Home


Infrared Wireless Door Bell Welcome Alarm Motion Sensor Detector For Shop Home

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Infrared Wireless Door Bell Welcome Alarm Motion Sensor Detector For Shop Home

1.New and high quality
2.High sensitivity
3.Extend your home security system
4.Keeps you aware of intruders or visitors anywhere around your home
5.Suitable for Home, Office, Unit, shop, warehouse, shed, Garage etc

 Infrared sensors, 16-voice sound + alarm + to adjust the volume extrapolation power

Vocals and 16 music optional, you can use the power adapter transformer [Note]. To be self-body infrared thermal sensors, night and day can be used normally, without environmental impact, welcome or do door alarm (Note: The alarm sound can be music, 16 music can easily be replaced).


1.Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)
2.Three Settings: Music / Off / Voice
3.Music kinds: 16
4.IR distance: 5 ~ 10meters
5.Language points: Chinese, English, Arabic
6.Effective angle: 110 °
7.Material: Plastic

Instructions for use

1, mounted on three sections AAA (号 7) 1.5V batteries, the machine consumes very little battery can be used more than 2 months. Welcoming the electronic doorbell or door hung a large installed on the door, pull the switch into human voice or music gear, then, when a visitor enters, electronic welcoming doorbell will issue a "music or voice: Hello! Welcome to "sound.

2, warning detection and effective detection distance of about 2-8 meters effective angle of 110 degrees, the installation detects the orientation should not exceed this range, the alarm loudness is about 95 db

Three, universal swivel base, you can easily adjust the detection angle.

4, when the doorbell as a welcoming, mounted on top of the door or wall, freedom to adjust the angle of the probe in place when the guests come into range, auto sound prompts the owner (also selectable: Hello and welcome statement)

5, when used as a warning alarm, probe as installed in the balcony, doors, windows, stairs and other thieves easy access to the place, the angle of the probe is installed at an appropriate height, adjust the monitor position to the appropriate location, when the thieves entered the zone, timely warning, suggesting owner, to deter thieves.

 Product parameters

1. Power supply:. DC 4.5V (3 节 AAA 1.5V batteries)

2. Detection range :2-8 m

3. Sound pressure: 95db ± 5db

4. induction method: infrared sensor triggered

5 .Boot delay: 10 seconds

6 .single standard configuration: alarm host * 1, * 1 Bracket

7. ambient temperature / humidity:. -25 ℃ -55 ℃ 5% -95% RH

8. measuring angle / range: 60 ° fan angle of 110 °

 The main function
 Automatic body sensing, ultra-long, wide-angle detection

Adjustable direction (with stand)

Host built-in speakers, alarm loudness of 75-95 decibels

Welcome / sixteen beautiful music to choose

Three AAA batteries, energy-saving and durable

 Installation and use
 1, the bracket screwed to the location where you want to install.

2, the battery cover on the back door in the direction of the arrow pushed, into three sections AAA1.5V battery (Alkaline batteries are recommended), replace the battery cover.

3, the doorbell switch to the side of the voice files or music files, press the black button to select your choice of music favorite music.

4, the doorbell installed by a bayonet on the stand, when a visitor enters, electronic welcoming doorbell will issue before you choose a good sound.

 1 Do not touch this product with a corrosive substance or fall from a height.

(2) When using this product can not be directly exposed to unprotected outdoor environment, try to avoid installing the air flow changes directly to the location (such as: air-conditioning vents, exhaust fan port, near the electric furnace, etc.).

3 Do not disassemble, pay attention to water, fire, improper use and barbarism for demolition, will not enjoy the warranty service.

4. Regularly check the working conditions of the product and the power, to ensure that the use of foolproof, if the machine is not used for a long time, please remove the battery.

5 When the sound becomes weak, replace the battery, replace the battery by an adult, it is recommended to use alkaline batteries, used batteries should be placed in designated trash.

Package included

1 x 5301 Intelligent Wireless IR Motion Sensor Welcome Doorbell 


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