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Solar Powered Pedometer



Quick Overview

Solar Powered Pedometer


Solar Powered Pedometer


Solar Powered Pedometer


 1. the cumulative number of steps ( SIEP, )

2. accumulative total movement distance ( km ) /miles ( miles )

3. accumulative total energy consumption ( KCALS )



 1. solar power, energy saving and environmental protection.

2.  one minute timing shutdown.

3. step length

4. the body weight set


Product specifications

 1. the step number display range 0 - 99999

2. walking distance display the range of 0 - 99999

3. the consumption of heat range of 0 - 99999.

4. the range of 30 - 120CM, the default value of 70CM, 5CM/ time adjustment

5. weight range: 30 - 150KG, add 5KG/ time adjustment

6. the step error: +5%

7. size: 4.5CM*4.2CM*2CM


Function key:

 * RESET key: clear recording step number, movement distance ( km / miles ) and consumed calories ( calories)

 * MODE key: step, weight adjustment key and walking distance, calories, walking several display key

 * SET key: step, weight setting keys, with the MODE key usage


Operating instructions:

 1. the system still 1 minutes step counting function automatically turn off, then press any key or shake the pedometer can boot.

 2. pedometer state press MODE, system will cycle display recording step number, miles, kilometers, number of calories; arbitrary display mode by pressing the RESET key, can be record in sports value clearance.

3. set a good step size, weight, it pedometer snap on leather belt and keep the horizontal and vertical position, can be used, according to a RESET key to eliminate motion records.


4. number of steps, distance, calories in either numerical value to a maximum value, the item will be reset to zero, and recalculate. Did not reach a maximum value will continue to accumulate. Abnormal wear will affect the pedometer accuracy.

 How to set the step size and weight

 First need to clarify why set step size and weight, accurate setting step allows pedometer accurately calculate you how far away the distance, while the weight of this is can calculate how many calories you consume, well below specific to talk about how to set.

 1, setting step

 First you under the natural state of straight walking steps 5-10, and at the start and end points of mark, a measuring distance, through a simple division namely distance / step number = step, if more accurate data can repeat step 3, taking the average value. (Note: step unit is cm ( CM ))


Then press the "SET" button on the pedometer, will shift according to the unit is the " L" file, (L file that is step gear ), then press " MODE " button, click each numerical increase of 5CM, repeated by, to the nearest you measure step on.

 2, setting weight

 First of all, balance your weight, record. (Note: the weight of the unit is kg ( KG ))

 Then press the "SET" button on the pedometer, will shift to the unit is " " " gear, ( " file that is the weight of the gear), then press " MODE " button, click each numerical increase of 5KG, repeated by, to the nearest you measure weight.

 Package Include:

1X Solar Energy Electronic Sports Pedometer




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