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Wind Bird Repeller


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Wind Bird Repeller


Wind Bird Repeller

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Wind Bird Repeller


1. Product Description

       The wind bird repeller installed on the cross arm is the first one entering the market of bird repeller. It’s designed for power lines of power system, substation outdoor switch occasion and other bird driving occasion.

2. Principle

        Wind bird repeller takes the measures of rotation and reflective type. Its principle is based on wind power as the power supply, takes the center rotating structure with maintenance-free and high quality bearing, and triangular balance bracket made of orange ABS plastic. Above the triangular balance are reflective lenses and three wind bowl with 120 degrees apart and the installation of lens, which make use of the reflection principle. Thus the birds will not stay on the high-voltage poles, trees, roofs, wires, or build nests under the frightened condition of glare radiation or reflection of their own shadow.

3. Features

(1)Rotated freely by breeze, and reflected light

(2)Support bar made by metal

(3)Rotating shaft installed with maintenance-free and high-speed bearings, and have a good rain performance

(4)Rotating part made of high strength ABS plastic. Rust-proof, Anti-corrosion, No deformation

(5)With 60%UV resistance and wear-resistant materials; weathering resistance ensures the life of the product; High Anti-corrosion; Wearing-resisting

(6)360-degree angle of reflection, no drive off the blind spot

(7) Just the breeze start, every minute rotating fifty circle

4. Technical Parameters

Fan blade diameter: 40cm

Height:  30cm

Oscillating wind power: ≥0.5 level

Temperature: +75℃~-40℃

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